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Black Tie

Black Tie

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Are you looking for a product with all-natural skin conditioning ingredients in a fun, fizzy bath bomb? Try Royalty Garden’s Bestseller Black Tie. Made with organic shea butter, it is the perfect product for super-sensitive skins. Shea butter combines the magical properties of fatty acids and rich tree-nut oils that soak into your skin and create a smooth and soft barrier that locks in the moisture, lasting for several hours.

The soothing and anti-aging properties of shea butter are enhanced with lemon essential oil. It helps restore the skin’s natural balance and reduces excess sebum, resulting in fresh and glowing skin. Black Tie bath bomb also offers a deep cleanse and helps against breakouts.


It is made with 100% food-grade baking soda, citric acid, lemon essential oil, and super-rich shea butter. Drop it in your tub or hot tub and enjoy a fizzy bath that feels good and improves your skin’s health.

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