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All-Natural Ultra Hydrating Skin Nourishing Scrub

All-Natural Ultra Hydrating Skin Nourishing Scrub

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Try Royalty Garden’s all-natural fragrance-free Ultra Hydrating Skin Nourishing Scrub and benefit from a youthful glow. Made with real brown sugar and nutrient-dense ingredients, this is the scrub you need to exfoliate and polish your sensitive skin.

Brown sugar acts as a natural exfoliant and gently hydrates the skin, promoting circulation and removing dead skin cells. Acne-prone skin types can benefit from brown sugar’s anti-acne and healthy cleansing properties to get that shining natural glow.

Our Ultra Hydrating Skin Nourishing Scrub was originally crafted as a foot scrub but is safe to be applied all over the body.

How to Apply?

Apply the scrub to wet skin and then gently massage for a few minutes to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Rub until the sugar dissolves. Then rinse the scrub with warm water for at least 8 seconds.

*Not for everyday use! Apply every 3-4 days to maintain healthy skin.


Made with brown sugar, proprietary fruit, and nut oil blend, and sodium bicarbonate.

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