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Natural Soap for Healthy Skin

Natural Soap for Healthy Skin
Royalty Gardens natural soap give your skin what it needs to be your first defender.

Natural Soap for Healthy Skin

The first line of defense in our daily battle for holistic health is our skin. At Royalty Gardens we make natural soap for healthy skin.

Below are some of our most popular bars and the weapons they are packing.

CITRUS MINT SCRUB w tea tree oil (CMS)

Studies show Tea Tree Oil has the same effect as the leading acne fighting chemical benzoyl peroxide in treating acne. Tea tree oil defends slower than benzoyl peroxide, but it is also more gentle on the face. As a defense to severe acne, wash  your face twice daily using CMS w tree oil. Let this natural soap sit for 30 sec–3 miuntes before you rinse–then use a light moisturizer for healthy skin.

FRUIT SMOOTHIE w greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains zinc, lactic acid and a high fat content because it’s made with milk. The fats give our natural soap additional moisturizing properties and a creamy silky smooth lather for healthy skin. Zinc encourages faster cell repair which is agreat defensive startegy for those with eczema. Its natural toning properties also make our greek yogurt soap especially suited for your face as a mask or a cleanser.

BLUE BLACK w activated charcoal

Many believe activated charcoal to be the best skin cleanser and pore purifier because of its absorbent properties. A side effect of its absorption is odor control. Our BlueBlack bar is a great natural soap for defending against body odor, foot order and hard to please armpits. Fresh smelling skin, is healthy skin. Use twice a day until the situation is under control.


Moroccan rhassoul clay has traditionally been used in beauty masks. In our soap, it penetrates the skin’s surface and absorbs excess oil–making it an excellent defense for blackheads. When washing the face let this natural soap sit on the skin for 30 seconds–for up to 5 miuntes. The minerals present in Moroccan clay prevent drying and promote clear, healthy skin by allowing pores to breathe. Pores that can breathe makes for skin that is alive and well.


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